Image of Gareth Shephard, Communications AssistantAs we move ever closer to the general election, in this week’s e-news, we’re focusing on the conservative party’s new proposed social care cap published in their manifesto earlier this month.

We also look at the UK’s national disability hustings that took place this week, as well as providing some information on our award winning clinical training service.  

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Conservatives proposed social care cap explained

Much has been said in the media and in social commentary over the last week about the proposed cap on social care that was part of the Conservatives manifesto.

To help cut through the noise, Disability Rights UK has put together this very helpful explanation of the current care costs system in England and how this will change under the new proposals being put forward by the Conservatives.

To view the information, please click here.

Disabled people put election candidates to the test

Yesterday (30 May) a room full of disabled people, carers and campaigners grilled panel members at the UK’s National Disability Hustings.

These hustings were organised to give disabled voters a rare opportunity to speak directly to the major parties about the issues that affect them.

The panel consisted of Penny Mourdant, Minister of State for Disabled People, Work and Health, Labour MP Kate Green, and the president of the Liberal Democrats, Baroness Sal Brinton.

To watch the hustings in full, please click here.

Care and Support jargon buster

Think Local Act Personal have put together an excellent jargon buster for important terms relating to health, disability, care and support.

The guide was developed by a steering group made up of service users, carers, local authority representatives and others, and has been written in plain English.

To view the jargon buster, please click here.

Image of our training icon in blueTraining and Events

Award winning clinical training service

Do you have health care needs and would like your personal assistant or care support worker to be able to carry out clinical tasks? Independent Lives has fully qualified nurses that can train your PA or care support worker to provide:

Tracheostomy care
Respiratory care
Enteral feeding
Catheter care
Elimination support
Book your training at the link below:

The clinical training service is a Guardian Public Service Award winner. Read the Guardian article on the service by clicking here.




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