Independent Lives recognises that there are few opportunities for disabled people or people with long-term health conditions to volunteer.

‘As soon as the Connecting Volunteers programme opened I applied. A few weeks later I was in the office, the first volunteer to have entered through the programme. I couldn’t have been happier.’ Chris, Connecting Volunteer

We established the Connecting Volunteers programme in early 2016, and have worked with a wide range of people with different backgrounds and skills, who have contributed more than 400 hours of their time since the project started.

Read about the impact of Connecting Volunteers in our annual Engagement Report, or read an interview with Chris, one of the Connecting Volunteers, who talks about what the project means to him.

Independent Lives is currently working with 9 volunteers who are from the surrounding area and are using their skills and experience to support a wide variety of our work, and you can read about one of our volunteers below.

Our volunteers are contributing to:

  • Marketing and communications
  • Community asset mapping
  • Direct Payment Information and Advice
  • Payroll and banking
  • Volunteer programmes

If you are interested in volunteering with Independent Lives or want to know more about the Connecting Volunteers programme, please email Sue Jobson on  or call 01903 219482 to find out more.