Independent Lives has created guidance based on real-life scenarios that disabled people commonly experience. The guidance is intended to enable you to assert your rights and to help you to navigate through law and legislation.

It is specifically written about adult services and is for guidance only.

If you need legal advice, please contact a legal service.

Scenario: ‘My care and support needs have increased, what should I do?’

Under the Care Act, there is a requirement for local authorities to make sure that people receive services that prevent their care needs from becoming more serious, or delay the impact of their needs.

If you receive a Direct Payment you can ask for your budget to be reconsidered. You should contact your social worker to explain your situation. If you do not have a social worker, contact the Duty Officer for Adult Services in your local authority.

The local authority should then make a new care assessment and update your Care and Support Plan if it is agreed that you support needs have changed.

Watch a video on what a good Care and Support Plan should look like (Credit: Helen Sanderson Associates)

If you are not eligible for social care support through your local authority, you may be eligible for a Personal Health Budget under NHS Continuing Healthcare.